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Michael vom Baur has been, until end 2009, Senior Vice President of Europe’s largest shipyard group and later Member of the Board of a new holding which was split-off from the group. He is performing independent consultancy services already since 2001, when his own company MvB euroconsult was founded , in addition to his management duties and with consent of his respective employer. Since January 2010 he is exclusively working for MvB euroconsult (with the exception of interim management mandates).

Michael vom Baur has more than 35 years of experience in

thereof 20 years in senior management positions in the maritime industry and in engineering + construction, in owner-managed mid-sized companies as well as in a stock listed group. These experiences are ideally complemented by the qualifications of his partner Gerhild Achenbach-vom Baur in banking, accounting and controlling. They are the sound basis for finding also successful solutions for your tasks.

We are selective and accept only challenges, which are interesting for us, for which we can rely on a solid experience background and for which we can guarantee the necessary care.

MvB euroconsult can use a broad international network of proven cooperation partners and business contacts.

Our Values

"Successful consulting bases on the experience and acceptance of the consultant, the client's openness for different points of view and the joint competence and enthusiasm for the project."

MvB euroconsult selects interesting projects only, for which a sufficient experience base exists and for which a comprehensive consulting service can be guaranteed. For the selection of the projects a congruence with the business philosophy of the client is decisive as well.

"Small and Medium Enterprises are the motor of economy and employment, however, they often do not command the necessary management resources for expansion, diversification, research&development or international business."

Michael vom Baur has worked almost his entire career for owner driven companies. Thus, MvB euroconsult feels a special responsibility for such enterprises and offers complete support packages for small and medium enterprises (SME). Part of the consulting price could be dependent on success. For small enterprises and in special interesting cases, temporary management and/or payment in shares could be considered.

"You always meet twice in life!"

MvB euroconsult puts special emphasis on an open and trustworthy cooperation, to make the second meeting a nice event too. Satisfied clients are the best advertisement.

The Partners

Michael vom Baur
Gerhild Achenbach-vom Baur

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Memo on the Nord Stream2 project / European natural gas market / LNG market

The Nord Stream2 project has been controversial for several years. The dispute has three dimensions: 1. an economic dimension (German / European natural gas market, market share RUS), 2. a regulatory dimension (compliance with the 2009 EU Gas Directive) 3. a political dimension (German and EU policy towards RUS, interests Eastern European EU members + […]

Michael vom Baur presents his short study „Power Generation in MV“ at the VDI Energietagung Rostock.

Stromerzeugung in MV 2016 Dipl.-Ing (VDI) Michael vom Baur hat eine Kurzstudie „Stromerzeugung in MV 2016“ erstellt, um die aktuelle Nutzung der im Lande erzeugten regenerativen Energien abzuschätzen. Auf Basis von hochaufgelösten Daten des Übertragungsnetzbetreibers 50 Hertz Transmission GmbH (1/4 Std) wird darin die regenerative Stromerzeugung (Wind, PV, Biomasse) in MV dem Lastgang gegenübergestellt, mit […]

Business Plan for Expansion of Maritime and Industry Training Center in Rostock/Germany

The Rostock-based maritime and industry training center AFZ Rostock GmbH and its affiliate ISC Training & Assembly GmbH are investigating opportunities and related investments on the dynamic changing training market for offshore, cruise ship and industry staff. MvB euroconsult is consulting AFZ / ISC in this project, e.g. by compiling the respective business plan.

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