Main International Experiences:

  • Main office in Norway /Oslo (2003-2009)
  • Regular work / office in Belgium/ Brussels (2003-2007)
  • Multi-week periods of residence for contract negotiations etc. in Turkey / Ankara (1997-1999)
  • Further multi-week stays and activities/ sales activities in: United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi), Kuwait, Thailand, Philippines, France, Skandinavia, Mexico, Korea
  • Other intensive business contacts and activities in  Finland, Spain, Poland, China, Taiwan, USA, Russia, Saudi-Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Japan
  • Interim Management including supervision of daughter companies of the client in China, Korea, USA, Poland

Experiences with international shareholders:

  • Norway, Russia, Korea

Experiences with international licensees:

  • Japan, U.K., The Netherlands, China

Representation/ Agency role:

  • for companies from Hungary, Spain

Management of multinational Teams (some examples):

  • Group Management Aker Yards + Wadan Yards (2003-2009): NOR, GER, FIN, F, ROM, US, CAN, BRA, RUS, UKR
  • Chairman CESA R&D Working Group (2003-2007): EU 25
  • Coordinator of EU-R&D Networks (2004-2009): EU 25
  • Chairman eines großen Joint Industry Project /Product Development (2005-2009): GER, F, FIN, NOR, NL
  • Head of the Joint Project-/Bid Team German-Turkish Navy Shipbuilding Project with Key Suppliers from different countries (1997-98): GER, TUR, F, I, U.K.
  • Leadership of an NGO (EMH) as Hon.Treasurer and Vice President 1992-2004, as President 2004-2008: EU 15 + EST, PL, NOR