In the past decades, Michael vom Baur has repeatedly supervised projects and made management decisions in the IT sector. In recent times this sector takes up a continuously growing part of our activities.

Some important Activities (Management, Consulting and Politics):

  • Implementation of the (at that time) first in region numerically controlled plasma-cutting plant for steel plates (shipyard), incl. Selection and testing of the software, training of the operators
  • Work in Bundesfachausschuss (Federal Committee) „Wirtschaft und Energie“ (Economy and Energy) der FDP (German Liberal Party), in this function access to various analyses regarding digitalization and broad band infrastructure, extensive contacts to companies in this sector.
  • Mentoring of a Start-up company for online trade (luxury consumer goods)
  • Supporting a specialist company for wireless communication in extending its customer portfolio
  • Supervision of the changeover of an ERP-System and other IT-based corporate processes in a medium sized company
  • Regular contribution to an ISO-Norm for IT-based data acquisition on board of seagoing vessels and storage / analysis of the large data volumes recorded
  • Supervisory council mandate at a IT-service company / provider of „Industry 4.0“-prerequisites (software, datacenters, local Cloud-solutions)