Maritime Industry

Business in the maritime industry sector forms the core of our experiences. A ship or an offshore rig are self-sufficient platforms, which must work and survive under often tough conditions. Therefore, the maritime industry includes many subsystems and interfaces or exchange with other industry areas, which provided us in decades of work with a good generalist (and often also specific) overview.

Some important Projects (Management and Consulting):

  • Successful project management of the merger phase of 2 shipyards with a total of 2.500 employees (in former GDR/East Germany) as member of a joint MD team (3 managers), including due diligence, process re-design and staff outsourcing
  • Leading the successful tender procedure and contract negotiation for 6 Mine Counter Measure Vessels (MCMV) for the Turkish Navy including technology transfer and offset elements, total contract value exceeding US$ 650M, as head of the project team of a consortium formed by 2 medium sized German specialized shipyards in cooperation with major subcontractors from France, U.K. and Italy
  • Successful arrangement of a "break-even+ "-contract for 4 x 2.500 TEU Container Vessels in the value of EUR 140M during a shipbuilding crisis period, by creative arrangement of charter, financing, guarantees and equity
  • Leading and coordinating all LNG related activities and staff in Europe's largest shipbuilding group, including management of development projects and successful troubleshooting for license / technical assistance issues in context with the first LNG carriers built in China (at Hudong Zhonghua, Shanghai)
  • Negotiation of critical issues between Russian and Korean shareholders as the coordinating Board Member
  • Being involved in 4 M+A-projects of Europe's largest shipbuilding group (in Spain, Germany, Bahamas and France), including commercial, site and management investigations, crowned by the successful acquisition of ALSTOM Marine, for which I mainly provided and organized support on EU level
  • Successful implementation of the WATERBORNE Technology Platform, a European consensus building body for all stakeholders in maritime R&D, incl. EU Commission and Member States, and functioning as its first secretary. Editor of the maritime sector's "Vision 2020" and "Strategic Research Agenda" (Shipping, Shipyards and Suppliers, Ports, and related R+D)
  • Heading the successful development of a new LNG Containment System, Chairman of Steering Committee in a multi-million Euro JIP / joint venture with a major offshore engineering company and in close cooperation with top classification society's research wing, carried out by a multi-national team of specialists in different European offices
  • Successful concept and project management for integration of merger and re-branding of an international marine supplier
  • Successful project management and negotiation of a “reverse MBO” in a Korean marine supplier affiliated to a German company.
  • Initiating the implementation of SWATH Technology (twin hull ship design) in Germany, by securing a US technology partner and a first reference contract in Germany. Concept and implementation of the brand „SWATH@A&R“
  • Successful re-organization of the operation processes, in particular the interfaces between design and production and the implementation of project management structures, on a medium size German shipyard
  • Successful acquisition and project management of design and fabrication contracts (2 Process-Modules) for GBS „Mittelplate“ (Deutsche Texaco, later RWE DEA)
  • Implementation and management of an international (D, U.K, NL, JAP) license group for Grim`s Vane Wheel, in the licensor position