Publications, PR, Politics

Michael vom Baur has been in many management functions also been responsible for corporate communication, he has been responsible for PR-concepts and their implementation and has also written / edited numerous professional arctiles and texts for press releases as well as product- and company descriptions (in German and English language).

Michael vom Baur is a Correspondent of the International Maritime Journal HANSA (, for which he has also made event concepts and moderated events.


Michael vom Baur has gained, in association- or chamber of commerce role, long-term experiences in promoting business- and industry interests towards politic entities. Since 2001 he is engaged in honorary political functions (Freie Demokraten FDP / German Liberal Party), actually deputy regional chairman of FDP Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as well as chairman of the „Energy“-subcommitee of Bundesfachausschuss „Wirtschaft + Energie“ (Federal Committee for economy + energy) of FDP.